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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Trip to the Doctor

Today we took Milo to the doctor's office to get him weighed and check him out. He now weighs 5.7kg, or 12lbs 8oz, which is almost a pound heavier than two weeks ago. You go, Milo! Keep on slurpin'! This picture is him good and milk-drunk. Man, there are some powerful hormones in that stuff...

Now, we're dreading the four shots he needs to get in about two hours. Hep B, Pneumococcal, Meningococcal, and Diptheria/Pertussis/Tetanus/Polio/Hib. Whew. I don't expect him to be happy about it but hey, that's why our family doctor is sending us to the Community Health Nurse to do it and I don't blame him. I wouldn't want to be the bad guy either. I'll let you know how the nurse feels about it.


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