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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Tuesday morning and everyone is back to work. Except me. I haven't heard from any school boards yet and I hate waiting to see if they liked my resume or not. I'm just going to keep sending them further and further afield so I feel like I'm doing something. Although honestly, I don't think I can work in Abbotsford or Chilliwack since they're about an hour and a half away and my car is a mid-70's V8. Not good when gas is $1.20 a litre.

More importantly, The Diaper Dame has updated her wonderfully witty and entertaining blog, "The Diaper Pail," and has included pictures of our cutie pie. Tell all your friends and be sure to pop by.

On the right hand side of this page are some links. Today I'll just mention the first three. Pictures of Milo at my .mac homepage - this is where they all are. If you look at the slideshow to make them big, then right-click and save them, you can have your own copies. If that doesn't work and you really want them, let me know and I'll burn them onto a CD for you (Mom). The other two pages, Flickr and Fotolog, both predate this blog and have many of the same pics. The big problem, as mentioned last time, is that the flash on my camera has stopped flashing. I know the yawn (in the photo above) makes this look late at night, but it was actually about 11:30am. At least the pics still come out okay when I have the flash off, which I prefer anyway.

Oh yeah, I should let you know that I removed the "Milo Wiggles" movie - too darn big and for those with dialup, it took way too long to load the Site Menu. I'll show it to you when you come visit. Bring pie or beer.

Time to get to work. It's sunny now with highs of 28 predicted for today so maybe I'll get to decapitate some dandelions before the neighbours start giving me dirty looks. But first, coffee. Aahhh...


Blogger cooljerk said...

ummm...do people still actually use dial up? that disturbs me more than anything i've read on the blogs this morning...

2:19 PM


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