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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Why I Oughta...

"One of these days... Pow! Right to the moon!"
-Ralph Kramden

Well, I never. Apparently my beautiful, charming, talented wife is in a snit. Well, that's what she gets for being a good writer. Her recent post on The Diaper Pail writes that I am "stealing all [her] blog ideas."

Um, hello!? You can't just count the topics of our son and his life as your own "blog ideas". Am I to expect a "But I was going to write about baby poop!" (I hear a kind of Wendy Whiner voice in my head...) in the near future? Would you like me to write about the finer points of cloth diapering tomorrow,? Because I'll do it, just try me.

Perhaps you should stop reading Metacritic reviews of movies that we won't be able to see until they come out on video anyway. (Yes, life with a newborn isn't exactly jet-setting.) Just to show you the sacrifices I've been making, I haven't played Diablo II for, oh, at least three days now. And there are new Homestar Runner cartoons up that I haven't even seen.

Or you could just do what I do, and not write rough copies of your blog posts or edit your material before just posting it for the world to see. Ha ha! Ten minutes, people, that's how long I've been writing this quantity-over-quality stream-of-consciousness kind of thing. I know because my coffee is almost cold.

So there, Sweetie. Consider yourself rebutted. Now, I shall go and wash a load of dirty diapers and do the dishes. Then, and only then, will I get some more coffee. And play some Diablo.


Blogger pinksaturn said...

Ha! I recognize that sexy sleeper!

1:01 PM

Blogger Toby said...

"One of these days... Pow! Right to the moon!"
-Ralph Kramden

Was this quote in futurama?

3:14 AM


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