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Friday, June 09, 2006

Milo (and Mom) Amid the Moss

With the arrival of our favourite houseguest, I've also been informed that her mom is a regular reader of this blog. Helloooooo Toronto! Av 'n Dav means The Idler!

Without further ado, here's a picture of Milo in the rainforest.

Over the May long weekend we went to Miracle Beach Provincial Park, located in beautiful Black Creek, BC. This spot is a mossy little deer trail just a short walk from the clearing where Milo's parents exchanged their wedding vows.

Mmm... mossy bed of moss... not a bad place for consummating things either... What? Oh yeah, sorry about that. Someone's mom is reading.

Milo, as you might expect, had a blast. Birds and trees and moss and sticks. He looked at everything and taste-tested moss, lichen, sticks, sand, seaweed, pinecones, a sand dollar, and probably a few other things Dad was too slow to haul outta his mouth. I can't wait for the next beach visit.


Blogger thordora said...

OMFG he is the CUTEST baby ever isn't he! So HAPPY!

3:40 PM


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