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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Stephen Colbert Bridge

Okay, the site has been fixed. What site? The site in Hungary where you can vote for the name of a bridge.

The Chuck Norris Hid ("hid" means "bridge" in Hungarian, or so I have deduced) which was formerly leading the voting, has slipped to fifth.

And the Stephen Colbert Hid hasn't got even clost to that... so far. Vote early, and vote often. From multiple computers, if possible.

Click here, Scroll down to "Stephen Colbert hid" (It's right above the "Steven Segal hid" and the "Steve Yzerman hid" options... Man, those Hungarians have some great options!) and click on it, then go to the bottom and click the vote button -- I think it says Elkuld or something similar.

UPDATE: The kind people over at Colbert Nation have set up a link that avoids the language barrier. Plus some helpful hints on turning this vote into a New Ohio!

Oh, and Happy Firefox Day everybody! Apparenly aliens like Firefox too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dread Pirate,

I get a "Access Denied" kind of message when I try the address. I think they have blocked access from outside of Hungary?

8:56 PM


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