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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Milo in a suitcase

Milo in a suitcase
Originally uploaded by Dread Pirate Robert.
Comfy to sit in, while it's open. Probably a little cramped when it's closed. Sigh, I guess we can't check you as luggage.

Speaking of which, can you believe that American Airlines is charging us for Milo? Even though they say that children under 2 fly for free, there's a clause for international flights that states they may charge a "nominal fee, typically less than 10%" of a full price fare for infants. Except it's not 10%, it's closer to 50%. He better get his own seat...


Blogger leafygrass said...

Y'all are going on an international flight? Sounds like fun! Where are you headed?

PS: Love these pics of Milo! What a cutie!

2:42 PM


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