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Monday, July 17, 2006

First trip to Stanley Park

I told you I had a lot of pictures to post...

Here's a set of Milo at the park. First, he tries his hand at croquet.

Next up, reaching for the ball. Those handles are just too long.

In homage to the Friendly Giant, I say: "Look up... Waaaay up..."

And he's up and on his way!

Yes, Milo is officially ambulatory, and getting faster all the time. He's still wobbly, but the boy can move.

On Saturday, we took him for a bike ride to the Farmers' Market and picked up some cherries. (Is cherry season over already? Sigh.)

While playing in the parking lot (hey, he likes wheels), we watched him walk up to a speed bump, sit down and crawl over it, then stand up and resume walking. Speed bumps work! Now if we can just install them around the house...


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Great pictures!

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