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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Meg Has Moved

Moving is such a hassle, so if you have to go through it, why not go for the whole enchilada?

My friend Meg, writer extraordinaire and owner of one of the most popular blogs in the whole freakin' world, has just moved into a new apartment. On a workday. She was a little tired the next day, and had a couple of those weird moving bruises that come from heavy box corners poking into your biceps, but otherwise came through it okay.

Even more amazing is that she just moved her blog. Yup, she left the wonderful community of Salon blogs and has struck out on her own. About time, you twenty-something single girl!

Now safely ensconced in the independent living complex that is the oh-so-appropriately named megfowler.com, we watch the daily climb up the Alexa rankings. (Unfortunately, the domain Blogcabin.com appears to be scooped by a pathetic speculator. Please don't go there and give him any traffic love.)

Anyway, best of luck in your new home Meg! When's the blogwarming party?


Anonymous Meg said...

YOU'RE AWESOME! Yay! You are SO invited to the party, whenever the hell I get the place cleaned up:).

1:46 PM


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