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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Milo Explores the Kitchen

So I left my rechargeable shaver cord plugged into a socket in the kitchen. Can you blame the little guy for playing with it?

Imagine a world where little children never get to experience the joys of the spiral telephone cord. In that case, thank goodness for Daddy's shaver.

Seriously, I used to love playing with those springy telephone cords that used to connect the handset to the phone unit. The wireless world is becoming a cold, funless place, my friends. Without the boingy-boingy.

Update: the cord has been removed and the electrical outlet sealed off with duct tape. Babyproofing 1, Fun/Strangulation/Electrocution 0


Blogger barbie2be said...

what a cutie. :)

9:21 PM

Anonymous green LA girl said...

Jesus -- Kids grow fast! Can't believe how big Milo is already --

11:12 PM

Anonymous Cindy's Mom said...

Thanks for the new pix. It's fun watching them grow. Enjoy him while you can, soon he'll be asking for the car keys.

3:11 PM


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