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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

No Pictures, Please

We had a great visit to the farm last week. Milo got to chase chickens (he thought they were hilarious) and had his first encounter with a trampoline. He just sat there and grinned as we gently bounced around him.

The back porch is still under construction, but they've converted the old (broken) above-ground swimming pool into an awesome sandbox. By putting up a retaining wall and a few stairs (kind of like a patio) they've made it a wonderful place to hang out.

Milo sure loved it. And Cindy was there! Whee!


Blogger John said...

Nice photo. Say hi from me to that miniature replica of Cindy hanging from Milo's hat!

2:06 AM

Blogger Jan & Cindy said...

Hey, that IS me hanging from his hat. The boy is so biiiiig and I'm so smaaaall. Cindy

11:17 PM


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