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Friday, July 14, 2006

One Big Year

So many images, so little time.

Wow, it's been a busy few weeks over here and it looks like my poor little blog has suffered. So many photos to upload and sort through... so let's indulge in some instant nostalgia. "Hey, remember when Milo was a cute little baby?"

Here he discovered a plant pot filled with dirt and explored it. Then he wiped his eye.

Eek! Yucky! Don't do that! Here, play with something safe, like a big, rusty lighter over by the propane tank...

Okay, maybe not. June 25, 2006 was Milo's first birthday. Hooray for Milo! One of his favourite presents was his xylophone. Or glockenspiel. I'm not sure what it is, technically speaking.

Technically speaking, it didn't take Milo long to improvise a superior mallet.

He also got this hawesome shirt. Say hi to Wayland in Nelson, Milo!

And he got his first truck. Awww! The first thing he did with it? Flip it over and spin the wheels. Man, he's fascinated by the wheel.

Happy Birthday Milo! And this was only the pre-party with the parents! Gramma and Poppa came the weekend before for their own party, and Grammy and Grampy came later in the day, along with 30 of our closest friends. Whew, it was a long weekend. But thanks to everyone who came! Please send me photos -- I was too busy to take any.


Blogger Daddy L said...

It was a great birthday Milo. Congratulations! Hope to can come to Harris'. Sadly it was one of the rare occassions where I didn't bring a camera.

12:55 PM

Blogger thordora said...

So freaking adorable!

5:15 AM


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