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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today's lesson: Why you shouldn't use Internet Explorer

I almost lost my mind at work today trying to use Internet Explorer.

I know, I shouldn't have bothered. IE is buggy, not secure, and actively discouraged by banks, universities, businesses, and just about anyone who knows anything about computers and security. But unfortunately, some 67% of people still use IE. So everyone who does any work on the Internet has to cater to the majority.

So I turned it on, and tried to visit a web site. No luck. Tried another. After it crashed and I restarted it, I thought I'd go somewhere safe, like MSN. Nope. Okay, that's it, I'll just go to Microsoft's own Internet Explorer page and see if there's a newer, less screwed up version available for download.

Oh, the irony.

Most likely causes? Let's see...
a)I was still connected to the Internet.
b)The web site had no real problems -- looks very nice on Firefox
c)Again, I copied the text into the Firefox address bar and got the site just fine.

Ah, to be safe at home and on a Mac again, where I face the delicious dilemma of choosing between Firefox or Safari. I think Opera's on here too. Of course, I could always try running IE 5.2... Bwaaa hahaha hahahaaa!


Blogger Daddy L said...

Then again, you could have Mac problems like I've recently had... How are you guys doing? We should hang out again sometime.

9:04 AM

Anonymous Meg said...

Seriously. I hate IE.

11:09 AM


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