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Friday, July 28, 2006

Things go in the mouth

I'm getting quite the collection of pictures of strange things in Milo's mouth and thought they deserved their own blog post.

This is one of my favourites: It's a "Kippiis" brand bib replacement. Pretty cool little gadget, although when you put it in your mouth it looks like you're barfing up some kind of intestine.

He usually chews on the rims of these little stacking cups, but the smaller ones fit right in his mouth like a plug. Whoever made these things is a genius -- there are breathing holes in the bottom of all of them. And they'll grow right along with his mouth since there are five sizes larger than this lime green one.

Here he took the cup out and actually has a cracker in his mouth. I like this one because the cracker bits make it seem like he has more teeth and it cracks me up.

And it's not just at home either -- on our recent visit to Nana's house he found some of her medicine on a coffee table. Strange prescription drugs lying around the house? Just pop 'em in your mouth! That's some sound advice right there.

And, because parents everywhere have wanted to say it since the invention of children, put a cork in it.


Anonymous The cute boy's mother said...

Ha! I especially like that last one because he looks like he's pretending to be an airplane. An airplane with a cork in it.

11:06 AM


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