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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Introducing Morris

So what have I been doing with my summer? Well I'll tell you...

I've produced another child (with some help from my lovely and talented wife/milk provider), I've started working at Kidzsmart here on the sunny Sunshine Coast, and I've been playing baseball with Milo.

Here's proof of at least one of the above:

This is Morris. Today is the one-month anniversary of his birth. Yup, he's one month (31 days) old today!

And yeah, he's got a great big brother. Milo thinks it's hilarious that if he sticks his nose an inch or two from Morris' mouth, the baby tries to suck on it. It's like a game now... Milo does it, Morris takes the bait, and Milo gets to yell "Silly Morris, that's my nose, not a boobie!"

Milo is not being neglected at all. We went to a horse show and Milo got to wear his cowboy hat. Of course, he liked the horses.

Finally, it's true. Morris is not always grunting and squawking and mewling and puking... sometimes he looks absolutely angelic. Here he is with his Grammy, and they both look pretty darn happy.


Blogger Roxy said...

Your boys are gorgeous!!

3:48 PM

Blogger Heather Maxwell-Hall said...

can't wait to see both those cuties tomorrow!

9:55 AM

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