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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What Would A Pirate Do?

Hello, Autumn. I refuse to recognize your existence, other than my interest in the astronomical ramifications of the autumnal equinox. Today I am wearing sandals and shorts and I just don't care.

Yesterday, my sweet wife got me a wonderful anniversary present:

A box of pirate band-aids with "Free Treasure Inside!" (a little monkey that goes on the top/eraser of your pencil) and a folder with the eternal question on it: What Would A Pirate Do?

Labelled WWPD, this handy spinner allows you to go about your day more efficiently by speeding up your decision making. For example, I was going to refill my coffee and decided to check with my spinner. A flick of the finger told me that a real pirate would "Guzzle Grog." How much clearer does it have to be!?!

Not one to keep this marvel to myself, drop me a line if you're confused, I'll spin the skull, and tell you WWPD. Meanwhile, the Dread Pirate Robert had better heed the words of Jolly Roger and get that coffee.

P.S. I found this just before dinner:

Robert Emmerson, your pirate name is
Captain Krang the Fearsome Stubble
What is YOUR pirate name?


Blogger Siel said...

Where do you live? Perhaps I should go through the archives -- But it was a perfect shorts-n-flipflops day in LA today --

7:01 PM

Blogger Dread Pirate Robert said...

In Vancouver, it was 2 degrees (Celsius) early in the morning, but got up to 24 in the beautiful sunshine. It's no LA, but hey - no smog so we get a beautiful view of the mountains.

10:15 AM


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