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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Hand

Yesterday Milo did something he's never done before and I'm so proud of him.

I was wandering around the house, pointing out things and chatting to him, just trying to keep him amused and stave off the fussy times for a few more minutes before his nap. He started to squawk (squawk, in parent terms, is that inarticulate noise that's almost, but not quite, a cry) and suddenly, as the clouds opened and the sunshine broke through, he calmly and apparently purposefully brought his hand to his mouth and shoved it in.

Amazing! Astounding! It made me weepy. Does it mean that the new soothers I bought (3-6 month size) are redundant? Does it mean he has kicked the dreaded binky habit? Is parenting going to be a snap from here on out because he can now soothe himself, thus making us parents obsolete? Are we setting him up for a lifetime of teeth and jaw problems by substituting one fix (soother) for another (thumb)?

All I know is that I've seen four and five year olds absolutely freak out when parents tried to take their soothers away and I don't want that to happen to Milo. Even so, the perils of thumbsucking for too long are real as well. Decisions, decisions. It's a fine line here and I suppose we'll just have to leave it up to Milo. It's in his hands. Or rather, it's in his hands, which happen to be shoved wrist-deep in his mouth...


Blogger Queen of Spain said...

Ug. THIS issue is a killer for me. I actually asked for advice from friends when the Princess began sucking and chewing her hand/finger/thumb. And a breastfeeding Mom, I hestitated to give her a pacifier (nipple confusion) yet I didn't want a thumb sucker. Well, all my bottle friends freaked out that I wouldn't use a pacifier and my boob friends freaked out I would use a pacifier. So I broke down and asked the DOCTOR. Turns out hands are much better. So I say...suck away Milo! Suck away!

9:28 AM

Blogger thordora said...

mine hated binkies, which is good since I'm one of those jerks who hates binkies. He'll like his hand from now on likely, which will result in the "I'm gonna squawk because I can't eat AND gnaw on my hand at the same time"' battles.

My he is a cutie. I voted for Milo is we had a boy last time, but the Dorf didn't want to think of the Decendants every time he saw the kid....

9:19 AM

Blogger Siel said...

I have no answers to your questions, but I'm glad to hear there are caring people who are as deeply concerned, curious and caring about perpetuating the species as yourselves.

Eh -- I make a great aunt. I can knit things --

10:14 PM

Blogger pinksaturn said...

I feel no passion for either side. Ivy had a binkie. It was handy. She gave it up on her 4th b-day (walked into our bedroom, threw 5 binkies at us and declared that she was going to cry all day [she didn't]). Daisy found binkies a pale and pathetic imitation of my own nipples (for which she was passionately and lengthily keen on) and eschewed all booby substitutes (including bottles... grr). It was handy and really not handy.
Meh... but you know me, whatever works is my motto*.

* except breastfeeding and love

1:00 PM


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