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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Milo and Friends

Milo went to his friend Harris' birthday party on the weekend. We all had a great time and Harris, who's about a month younger than Milo but is ahead by 3 on the teeth count, was supercute.

I know that Milo is already tapped to be the boy drummer in Chloe's otherwise all-girl rock band, but Harris has the drummer genes. Maybe after Milo tires of being a 15 year old touring with twenty-something rocker chicks, he can get together with Harris for some serious collaboration.

I agree that kids need to wear their bike helmets, but won't someone design a helmet for kids that don't accentuate their already-huge heads? Seriously, this makes him look like a bobblehead. Or Marvin the Martian. Or the great Gazoo.


Anonymous Johanna said...

oh, Milo is so cute in his big helmet!

1:48 PM

Blogger Daddy L said...

You should pearch Milo on your shoulder and teach him to say "Hello Dum-Dum." A true Flintstons moment. Although the show Jumped the Shark when they introduced Gazoo.

2:27 PM

Blogger Dread Pirate Robert said...

And it jumped the shark LOOOONG before The Fonz literally jumped the shark, Knowhutahmsay'n?

Gazoo was supposed to save the show... six months later, it was cancelled.

Harvey Kormann, it wasn't your fault!

P.S. Daddy L: I'll mail you more of those Harris photos when I get home!

4:26 PM

Blogger Daddy L said...

Thanks. I have some Milo pictures to share with you too. Actually the Flintstones jumped the shark when Pebbles was born (although that episode drew the most ratings).

10:19 AM


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