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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Smart Float

Oh, it was a sad day for the gadget-lover inside me when we left Japan. Luckily, we still have connections.

Without our dear friends over there (Thanks again, you guys! The little outfits are awesome!), we might never have known about the "Smart Float" bath and pool float. Cool! It has a little seat like a baby swing and kind of acts like a jolly jumper in the tub or a kind of walker in the pool. Good for kids 65-85cm tall and between 13 and 30kg, it contributes to "Pokka-pokka no basu taimu" - splishy splashy bath time? (someone drop me a line if you have a better translation of pokka-pokka...)

As for the splishy splashy aspect, I'll keep you posted on how much water Milo manages to splash out of the tub. He's getting good at it already.


Blogger Queen of Spain said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

12:18 PM

Blogger Meg said...

The day you end up drenched is the first day you know your kid really loves the bath.

8:26 AM


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