Feelin' Genki

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Milo is more reckless

Parents: try not to confuse your children. Give them one option, or they'll make a mish-mash of what they hear.

Trains, for instance, should say "choo-choo" or "chugga-chugga," but not both. According to Milo, they now say "chooga-chooga." Yup, scarred for life.

Look, his little mouth is right in the middle of a "chooga."

Oh yeah, I said reckless. But first, let us comment on the fashion sense. Blaze orange diapers, complimented by shiny Spider-man rain boots. A daredevil's worksuit.

And he's workin' it... trick ridin' on the trike, standing on a wobbly wheeled object... this is going to end well...

In a completely unrelated incident, here's a partially healed split lip. Have you seen how much blood comes outta those things?

And by "completely unrelated," I mean same recklessness, different day, with just a tad less coordination.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Milo likes the Vancouver Aquarium

Man, the Vancouver Aquarium rocks. Most especially on the second Saturday of every month when they open it early for members (members with kids who get up at 5:30 a.m.) and run special programs for kids.

Regular days are great too, but that early opening means we can spend all morning there and get home in time for a nap.

Look up, Waaaay up... and see the flying dolphin!

Everyone loves the otters. One of the otters is actually named Milo too! Now we just have to figure out which one so we can love him best.

Raffi is verboten. Don't even THINK of singing it. Just admire the belugas (or "boogas," in Milo-speak) and watch how cool they are.

Milo's favourite? The big sea lion. I think because it has "lion" in its name, and because we saw him roar and breathe his stinky fishy moist breath all over the people beside us. That was cool.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Milo inside

Even when it wasn't raining, the weather was chilly and damp. Inside was much more comfortable.

With Gramma's homemade cookies and a little toy wagon, it looks like Milo was enjoying himself.

Poppa's showing Milo how to ride his horsey... he now makes clip-clop noises when he rides it around our living room!

Let us not forget the allure of the humble box.

Now we know where Milo gets those faces from. It's true, your face will stay that way.

Milo outside

Not raining, time to get outside...

The noble wheelbarrow: more fun than a boring old stroller!

We took a walk through the woods... or at least SOME of us walked, while Milo got the panoramic view.

Winter windstorms affected Miracle Beach Provincial Park too. No, Milo did not hit his head going under that tree. But it was close.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

This is winter on Vancouver Island

Striking a manly pose and clad only in a diaper and a pair of slippers, Milo soon grew accustomed to the unfamiliar surroundings of Gramma and Poppa's house.

Look at those strong rock-hard abs!

Although last year's visit to Santa went off without a hitch, we saw enough Santa-photo-ops-that-constitute-child-abuse (or at least ones that probably scarred the kids for life) that we thought a substitute Santa would be safer.

This Santa can be barfed on, kicked, bitten, and get his beard pulled with no ill effects. Plus his breath doesn't smell like Jack Daniels.

Hey, by the way, it's Milo's first wrapping paper tube! Slobbered on! And is he doing a "hang loose" sign or what?

Christmas morning, wearing a new bib and checking out an indoor wagon.

And outdoors, on the front porch, looking pensive. Pensive? Time for a haiku...

Hear the seagulls' cries
Echoing across the waves
Smashing clams on rocks

Is that Poppa coming? Screw the poetry, time to be cute, dammit!