Feelin' Genki

Monday, July 31, 2006

The Transporter

After walking comes his next trick: carrying stuff while walking.

He's always so busy, just walking in, grabbing stuff, walking out, putting it down, and taking something else inside. At least I can sit in my comfy chair with beer and my camera.

Oh, and he likes showing his stuff to the dog. Good Nell.

And then sometimes, he just poses. This could be his album cover.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Milo loves Beebs' Camper shoe catalogue

My Flickr account has been sadly neglected of late... Here' a new entry that was uploaded for our Flickr friends' party. Now it's on my blog!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Things go in the mouth

I'm getting quite the collection of pictures of strange things in Milo's mouth and thought they deserved their own blog post.

This is one of my favourites: It's a "Kippiis" brand bib replacement. Pretty cool little gadget, although when you put it in your mouth it looks like you're barfing up some kind of intestine.

He usually chews on the rims of these little stacking cups, but the smaller ones fit right in his mouth like a plug. Whoever made these things is a genius -- there are breathing holes in the bottom of all of them. And they'll grow right along with his mouth since there are five sizes larger than this lime green one.

Here he took the cup out and actually has a cracker in his mouth. I like this one because the cracker bits make it seem like he has more teeth and it cracks me up.

And it's not just at home either -- on our recent visit to Nana's house he found some of her medicine on a coffee table. Strange prescription drugs lying around the house? Just pop 'em in your mouth! That's some sound advice right there.

And, because parents everywhere have wanted to say it since the invention of children, put a cork in it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Milo Meets the Indianans

Still working on my backlog of photos (when you take a hundred a week and don't post to your blog every day, they really build up...) and here's Milo at the water park, captured in mid-splash!

More specifically, Cultus Lake Waterslides, or whatever it's officially called. Reliving the glory days of his mother's summers past.

We were in Chilliwack to spend some time with his Grammy and Grampy, and his Aunt Rox, Uncle Dave, and cousins Aidan, Anthony, and Nadia, who all came out from Indiana for a week or so. Man, those kids grow fast.

It's been two years since we saw the boys, and Nadia is only 14 days younger than Milo. Those two had a great time together, pointing and giggling at each other. And it was Nadia's first birthday!

Isn't she cute? Let's take a closeup and see exactly how cute she is...

Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick! That child is hideous! Oh wait, underneath the remains of that cake, she's actually incredibly adorable. But you wouldn't know it from this picture. She does, however, look pretty damned pleased with herself. And from the look of that blur, I moved my camera out of range of her chocolatey hand just in time.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Exploring the Park

Aah, the park. It's THE place for father/son bonding. Man, it's got it all. Sand, buckets, shovels... and shade, which is pretty essential in this wonderfully hot sunny summer.

I especially like how Milo rotates as he sits. He just kind of spins around as he plays, and ends up facing away from me most of the time. That's when he puts sand and rocks in his mouth.

The other day, after I scraped sand off his tongue, he did it again and I realized that he was doing it on purpose. He giggles as I wipe the stuff off because it tickles and he likes it.

Then he goes a-wanderin'. He'll just walk or crawl in a straight line and then stop and look around. That independent little guy doesn't even look back. Of course, when he does and sees me smiling and waving at him, I'm rewarded with a huge smile. I'm so lucky.

And I just like this picture. It reminds me of a Sears catalog photo.

Monday, July 17, 2006

First trip to Stanley Park

I told you I had a lot of pictures to post...

Here's a set of Milo at the park. First, he tries his hand at croquet.

Next up, reaching for the ball. Those handles are just too long.

In homage to the Friendly Giant, I say: "Look up... Waaaay up..."

And he's up and on his way!

Yes, Milo is officially ambulatory, and getting faster all the time. He's still wobbly, but the boy can move.

On Saturday, we took him for a bike ride to the Farmers' Market and picked up some cherries. (Is cherry season over already? Sigh.)

While playing in the parking lot (hey, he likes wheels), we watched him walk up to a speed bump, sit down and crawl over it, then stand up and resume walking. Speed bumps work! Now if we can just install them around the house...

Friday, July 14, 2006

One Big Year

So many images, so little time.

Wow, it's been a busy few weeks over here and it looks like my poor little blog has suffered. So many photos to upload and sort through... so let's indulge in some instant nostalgia. "Hey, remember when Milo was a cute little baby?"

Here he discovered a plant pot filled with dirt and explored it. Then he wiped his eye.

Eek! Yucky! Don't do that! Here, play with something safe, like a big, rusty lighter over by the propane tank...

Okay, maybe not. June 25, 2006 was Milo's first birthday. Hooray for Milo! One of his favourite presents was his xylophone. Or glockenspiel. I'm not sure what it is, technically speaking.

Technically speaking, it didn't take Milo long to improvise a superior mallet.

He also got this hawesome shirt. Say hi to Wayland in Nelson, Milo!

And he got his first truck. Awww! The first thing he did with it? Flip it over and spin the wheels. Man, he's fascinated by the wheel.

Happy Birthday Milo! And this was only the pre-party with the parents! Gramma and Poppa came the weekend before for their own party, and Grammy and Grampy came later in the day, along with 30 of our closest friends. Whew, it was a long weekend. But thanks to everyone who came! Please send me photos -- I was too busy to take any.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today's lesson: Why you shouldn't use Internet Explorer

I almost lost my mind at work today trying to use Internet Explorer.

I know, I shouldn't have bothered. IE is buggy, not secure, and actively discouraged by banks, universities, businesses, and just about anyone who knows anything about computers and security. But unfortunately, some 67% of people still use IE. So everyone who does any work on the Internet has to cater to the majority.

So I turned it on, and tried to visit a web site. No luck. Tried another. After it crashed and I restarted it, I thought I'd go somewhere safe, like MSN. Nope. Okay, that's it, I'll just go to Microsoft's own Internet Explorer page and see if there's a newer, less screwed up version available for download.

Oh, the irony.

Most likely causes? Let's see...
a)I was still connected to the Internet.
b)The web site had no real problems -- looks very nice on Firefox
c)Again, I copied the text into the Firefox address bar and got the site just fine.

Ah, to be safe at home and on a Mac again, where I face the delicious dilemma of choosing between Firefox or Safari. I think Opera's on here too. Of course, I could always try running IE 5.2... Bwaaa hahaha hahahaaa!