Feelin' Genki

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Costa Rica Day Seven

Okay, now that I think about it, seeing a blurry Sasquatch gliding through the bamboo forest DOES sound pretty cool. The photo makes it out to be pretty mysterious too...

There was actually a family of four or five monkeys en route to wherever.

We saw them coming as the treetops and branches moved and shook, they climbed over us, leaving leaves falling everywhere. (One fell in front of me and I caught it! With Milo on my shoulders! He thought it was pretty cool...)

As for what a giant bamboo grove was doing in Costa Rica, we heard that someone planted a few plants in the area about fifty years ago, and they just like it there. I don't blame them.

And I don't care what you say about this not being "Day Seven," it's helping me keep these posts organized. And I probably forgot a day or two already, or perhaps didn't take photos for a day. We'll just have to wait until the end of the vacation to find out.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Costa Rica Day Six

I have to admit, we saw tons of wildlife as we walked through the park. But we were in a freakin' rainforest! Why go to a park when you can just wander down the street!

Here's a beautiful little guy in a ditch.

And a monkey on the roof of the villa where my sister stayed.

And when we got home, there was an iguana just hanging out on our patio. Nice. I figure he was doing our dog's job and eating all the food that Milo dropped.

Seriously, Costa Rica is gorgeous. After a light rain...

Costa Rica Day Five

Okay, here we go. More pics less chatter. First up, on our way to Manuel Antonio National Park, some scenery.

And welcome to the rainforest (tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, not the temperate rainforest we enjoy on the Wet Coast of British Columbia). It's a sloth. In action. Or inaction, if you prefer.

Ladies and gentlemen, here, for your edification and entertainment pleasure, posing for the cover of their new album, an up-and-coming three-piece from Quepos, The Iguanas!

So we were walking through the park, and heard some wild boars snorting and roaring down by the river. Silly tourists, those ungodly sounds are Howler Monkeys. And they don't howl.

Too bad my pics of them look like dodgy photos of Bigfoot blurrily traveling through the trees. Instead, here'a white-faced Capuchin monkey. Cuter. And less blurry.

Milo on my shoulders.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Milo is not always happy

Originally uploaded by beebs.
But he should be.

Beebs and ProKeds came to dinner, wine was consumed along with eggplant canneloni, games were played, and the Leafs (McCabe in the background) got spanked 6-1 by the Canucks.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Costa Rica Day Four

Okay, I'm seriously falling behind here. At this rate, I'll have Christmas photos up sometime next month.

Our first monkey! Better pics to come...

Milo out at dinner. One thing we're grateful for, as parents, is that he loves hats. He's never taken his sun hats or toques off, and sometimes yells when we try to remove it. Here, he's stolen his Poppa's hat and is happy to wear the large one while eating some snacks that were doled out by the overexposed floating hands.

The family photo! Wow, I actually have three of these in a row and they're all great pics. I guess being in Costa Rica makes EVERYBODY happy!

This restaurant, Barba Roja, or "Redbeard," was probably my favourite one in town. Too bad we only got there once. Milo LOVED the skull and crossbones -- he points out the Jolly Roger now whenever he sees one. Must be the Pirate genes coming through!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Costa Rica Day Three

All right! Let's head to the beach! Manuel Antonio was hotter and more humid than San Jose, so even a cloudy day (with showers) at the beach was great. The clouds helped to ensure that we wouldn't get a sunburn on our first day too.

As expected, Milo loved the beach. Let's take a moment to remember this fine, plastic salad bowl we brought from our hotel room. Milo smashed it to pieces with that very ladle only a few minutes after this photo was taken.

Damn, that's a fine-looking boy. Good genes. I was trying to get him with the family, so stepped back for a better shot, and before I knew it he was chasing me backwards. Hence the big smile on his face. And mine.

Speaking of smiles, I hope you can see his face here. He wasn't too sure about the waves after some bigger ones bowled him over, but it didn't take him long to get into it. Again, Mommy!

And after the beach we went up the hill to where my sister and the rest of the wedding party were staying. What a great view of the beach we had just left!

And imagine when it's sunny out! Tomorrow... our first monkey!